Change perspective in zbrush

change perspective in zbrush

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Camera and Perspective In Zbrush
Click on that camera Icon and that should unlock the regular settings for perspective. basiccomponents. If the Draw > Perspective switch is turned off then ZBrush is in Orthographic mode. This means that there is no distortion of the model and parts that are near. In my experience, Global Perspective is preferable to regular perspective. Simply Shift+Click on the perspective button to activate it. Then you can set the.
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Thanks for the info with draging the slider to define a vanishing point. If you exit Edit Mode, the Universal Camera will automatically be disabled. The Crop Factor simulates the cropping applied when using a camera with a smaller or larger value than a 24x36mm sensor. You will now can fit exact camera settings which can be useful if you are working in industries which require you to match an existing movie scene or background photo.